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Paul & Kylie

On October 9th, I had the pleasure of capturing Paul and Kylie's special day at The Mill here in Abilene, Texas. Filming their wedding was incredibly fun, as these two themselves are incredibly fun! Their love for each other radiated during the ceremony, along with the laughter they shared during toasts and the

joy they had while on the dance floor with their necklace glow sticks.

Their personalized vows had me melt, as both of them were unique and special in their own way.

Kylie shared the grand things that made Paul special, and Paul did the same for his bride (even though Paul didn't say it in as many words as Kylie. Still absolutely beautiful!).

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Haberly for allowing me to film your special day on a lovely Saturday evening in downtown Abilene, and I hope this is the first of many outstanding years together!

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