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Andrew & Nicole Carey

Updated: May 7, 2020

Andrew and Nicole were made for each other, you can just see it in their eyes every time they see their other half! These two had a breathtaking wedding at The Grove, and I loved how they made it theirs! Instead of starting off with the ceremony like most do traditionally, Andrew and Nicole started off with dinner (which was brilliant if you ask me). Nicole was also able to incorporate her favorite color in unique ways, like having a pink slip right under her wedding dress! Every time Andrew spun her on the dance floor you would see the pink, it was gorgeous! Andrew and Nicole also wrote out their own vows to one another, which I thought was so, so beautiful. I'm glad I could record it and add it to their video, it is something you'll want to listen to when watching the video!!

My favorite quote from those vows is what Nicole shared to Andrew: "I don't want to just marry you to wake up to you every day and be with you forever, I want to marry you because marriage is hard. Families are hard, debt, bills, jobs, lives are hard, but you're the person I want to go through bad times with."

Life will get messy, along with marriage. But just as Nicole said, our spouse is the one we want to go through bad times with, just like the good times. They're there to help us through the challenges, and that's one of many reasons marriage is a beautiful gift.

Congratulations Andrew and Nicole, may your marriage be full of love, laughter, and adventure!

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