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Why Crosslet?

How did you come up with the name "Crosslet" for your business?

I get this quite a lot, wondering how the word "Crosslet" got chosen for my business. Back in 2017, I chose a simple name "AP Studios" to go by the services I provided. The letters "AP" were my initials at the time (Alyssa Presley), but I didn't want to stick with that business name because eventually my last name would change. So, I wanted a name after an object or symbol, not just using my personal name as a business. I also didn't want to include the name "Studios" anymore because it sounded more like a music studio than photography and video. After lots of thinking, the name came to mind.


I ended up naming the company after the first tattoo I got haha!


This tattoo is placed on the back of my right shoulder. I created a symbol that included a crosslet, and a crosslet is made by connecting four crosses together. For me, this represented spreading the Gospel north, south, east, and west. Then I added an infinity symbol in the middle, demonstrating I'll share the Gospel for all eternity. There was a lot of meaning behind that tattoo, and I thought it would also be a great idea to make it my logo and business name. So now I tell people that I'm also branded with the logo for my business!

“As a visual composer, I provide quality media to companies, small businesses, and individuals to showcase authentic moments in compelling visual stories.”

What do you mean by the phrase "visual composer?"

I like to express to people that I'm a visual composer, not just a photographer or videographer. But, what does that even mean? I view photography and videography as an art form, almost like composing music. I grew up playing piano, from second grade to my senior year in high school. Music had a massive impact on me, and I see commonalities between music composition and photography and video. Both require creativity, adventurous thinking, and storytelling. My passion is to create masterpieces that tell stories visually, thus, I call myself a visual composer. What also comes with being a visual composer is the creation of "The Ensemble Effect", which is how I create my compelling visual stories.

Crosslet - Visual Composer and the Ensemble Effect.jpg

1) Strong Base

Integrity and Follow Through.

At the base of any good business is a foundation of strong integrity. Your time is important, your trust is valuable, and your project needs to be in good hands. That's what Crosslet prioritizes these things, even as small as showing up on time and being transparent about every aspect of the work. Here, it's important to finish what was started.

2) Organized Improv

A Structured Freestyle to Visual Composing.

The term "organized improv" means there's a structured plan for photographing or filming, but there's also a level of improvisation to be flexible when necessary. A roadmap is determined in advance to know how to best capture your project, covering all the in's and out's and making it as smooth as possible for you. But what if something happens on site where you now need coverage? That's not a worry, as flexibility is incorporated into the photo and video process. 

3) Adventurous Pursuits

Out-of-the-Box Creativity.

A critical part of your photos and videos is incorporating creativity. The process of visual composition includes looking at your project from every angle to see the best ways to create a captivating story. The word "limitation" is foreign in our vocabulary, as we strive to find grander and more riveting ways to tell your narrative.

4) An Instrumental Charm

Working Harmoniously with Courtesy and Respect.

Some of the best results come from people feeling comfortable and themselves in front of the camera. To achieve this, the director behind the camera provides uplifting commentary, being encouraging to every individual. The dedication is to see your success, along with enjoying the entire process of pictures and video. Positivity, courtesy, and respect are always a part of every job, helping every person feeling valued during photography and video.

"It's not just the quality in the work that is delivered,
it is the integrity behind the experience."

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