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Attention Solo Female Travelers! There is One Thing You're Missing.

You are adventurous.

You seek to try new things, travel to new places, learn a new language, and so much more. The thought of traveling alone as a woman doesn't intimidate you, but of course you naturally take caution and prepare yourself as needed. You calculate the itinerary, pack up your suitcase and backpack so you're ready for the airport! But once the trip is complete, you head back home, and then you realize that you forgot something.

Is it the passport? No, definitely not. You checked 3 times before leaving your hotel that it was in your bag.

Was it souvenirs? Also no, you have that safety stored away in your suitcase.

Then what possibly could be missing?

Quality Photos and Videos.

During your trip out of the country you were so in the moment that you didn't get as many photos and videos as you would have liked! Yes, you got phone pictures and a few instagram reels made, but some didn't turn out because of all the other travelers trying to get photos, and the lighting in other shots were just off. Not to mention that though you got some posed photos, the older man behind your phone camera is speaking a foreign language and he didn't provide the most flattering shots of you. For a trip that is once in a lifetime, you deserve photos and videos that also last a lifetime!

I've been in your situation before as a solo traveler. You want the core memories to match the experience in pictures and video! It's awkward asking random strangers to help take pictures of you, and even more awkward to ask for videos. But that's where I can be of assistance, as I'm a travel photographer and videographer. You won't have to worry during your whole trip about memories being lost. While you're exploring, whether on land, in the air, or in the waters, your adventure will be captured! Plus, you'll have another adventurous, easy going buddy with you to make inside jokes with!

It's my passion to capture the world, and even more so to capture it from the perspective of other female travelers like myself. The world has you in it, and it wants you to explore, discover, and grow as an individual! I'll be with you along the way during your journey, just being the camera lady in the background. Shoot me a message so you can tell me where you're dreaming of going and how I can better serve you!

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