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Chelsi & Brennan

Updated: May 7, 2020

Brennan and Chelsi Johnson

Have I mentioned I love filming weddings? It's such a joy to take part in a couple's wedding day, where they officially say their "I Do's" to each other that'll hold true for a lifetime. Chelsi and Brennan were no exception, as their love and joy for each other filled across the whole venue! When they first made eye contact with each other during the wedding ceremony as Chelsi walked down the aisle, it melted my heart seeing how happy Brennan was at seeing his bride. The smiles and jokes they shared with one another throughout the dinner and reception was so heartwarming too. And when they were on the dance floor, it was like they were the only two people within one hundred miles. They were so captivated of each other.

Chelsi and Brennan, may the love you have for one another just continue to grow deeper and grander as each day passes by! Enjoy every minute with your best friend; continue to share funny jokes and long hugs for the rest of your lives!

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