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Gabby & Caezar Gallegos

The setting: first of July in 2023, downtown Abilene at 201 Mesquite, family and friends gathering to celebrate. The celebration - the wedding of Gabby and Caezar.

I absolutely love seeing the excitement across the venue when it comes to two loved ones coming together as one! The ceremony was filled with so many guests that there were even people standing at the venue. People gathered around to witness Gabby and Caezar tie the knot, and it was magical. You can tell that the love these two shared was strong and pure; both excited to start their next chapter. Arguably the best chapter of their lives!

My favorite part while filming the ceremony was the excitement of the groom. I mic up my grooms on their wedding day for clear audio, and the amount of "oh my god's" he said during the ceremony out of pure joy made my heart SO happy. Caezar said it when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle, when they said their vows, and when he was about to kiss his newly wedded wife!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos, I hope the spark you have for one another doesn't ever die, but continues to grow! Cheers to you!

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