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Good Morning at Tulum Beach

5:30am wake up call, a quick breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, and turkey bacon, and then I was out the door to start my 3 mile bike ride to salty waters. The darkness was slowly degrading as I biked through downtown Tulum.

The town wasn't quite awake yet (minus a night club that was still playing music past 6am), and the streets were calm and the people were few. I biked down Avenida Coba to reach Playa Santa Fe, a beach within Tulum National Park. By the time I got there, I met with my client for the morning, Dorota. She was traveling across Mexico and wanted to get some photos taken at sunrise, and I excitedly said yes.

We walk down Tulum's beach, colors starting to fill the sky. Dorota was feeling spontaneous with the

photos, so she didn't really have any set pictures in mind. Just a few outfit changes. Once we found our spot, I pulled out my Canon camera and we started shooting. With the mix of cool temperatures, few people walking the beach, salty air, and an orange and blue sky, it was the perfect Friday morning for photos!

The spontaneity turned dry clothes drenched and salty (on both Dorota and my side), but the adventure was spectacular! Within only 45 minutes, we had a plethora of photos, and we both got so excited for the final product. This was just the first of hopefully many photoshoots for myself while visiting Tulum, Mexico!

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