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Graham & Diana

It's always fun to meet up with someone and then realize we used to have previous connections! When I initially met up with Graham and Diana at Starbucks to talk about their upcoming wedding, Graham said I had looked familiar, and then we found out that his younger sister was really good friends with my younger sister! Small world, isn't it? It was already a pleasure to talk with them and get to know them individually while filling out paperwork, but it was even more delightful to know that our families used to go to Pioneer Drive together years ago and that our siblings were good friends!

We met up at that Starbucks in 2019, so of course we didn't know what to expect for the spring and early summer of 2020. I was concerned that they wouldn't be able to have their wedding on June 7 like they had planned for, but God was able to work things out for them so they didn't have to change the date! They of course had to reduce their number of guests, but my goodness what an enchanting and wholesome wedding it was. It was held at Sabrina Cedars, the ceremony taking place outdoors and the fun reception and dance party within the white barn. There was lots of celebration, smiles, laughter, dancing, and romance.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was hearing the notes they wrote for each other before the wedding and listening to their unique vows. The words Graham and Diana shared with one another were beautiful, and their vows wonderfully aligned with God's design for marriage. I was able to listen to these vows over and over as I was editing their video, and what stood out to me each time is what Diana shared to Graham at the altar:

"I vow to never mistake you for my Savior, knowing it's not your job to fulfill or complete me, but to compliment me." So well said! Marriage is a wonderful and precious gift, and we're to walk hand in hand with our spouse. Our spouse is not to replace our Savior Jesus Christ, but to help us continually chase after Him.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sergeant, may your marriage be blessed!!

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