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Haley & Will

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, we still get to witness two wonderful people coming together and starting a beautiful marriage.

My dear friend Haley got to marry the love of her life two weekends ago, and I could not be more happy for her! I remember the first time she told me about this guy named Will. We used to be morning workout buddies, and we always had something to talk about while on the stairmaster or the arc trainer. While we were sweating our butts off on the arc trainer, she shared with me how she met this guy the other day at work. After she shared her story I jokingly told her "well don't mess this up, he seems like a fantastic guy!"

I got to watch their love story unfold, how they wanted to pursue a Godly relationship, and just have fun getting to know each other. Every time Haley displayed excitement when she had a life update for me made me laugh and smile, because her joy was contagious!

I went with them to an ACU basketball game, a haunted house, and even work events. I got to see their care for each other and the special bond they shared. As time went on, their status went from talking, to boyfriend and girlfriend, to fiances! They set their wedding date for April 25, 2020, but no one expected a pandemic to take place. Haley had already asked if I could film their wedding, and even though they postponed their "official" wedding ceremony and reception for August, they were able to elope on their original wedding day. They were surrounded by their immediate family in Will's parent's green backyard, making for an incredibly romantic and intimate wedding ceremony. I was so thrilled for them that they chose to still get married on April 25 instead of waiting another few months. It was a beautiful moment to share with them as I filmed Haley's walk down the aisle, the vows, the communion, washing each other's feet, and their first (very passionate) kiss as husband and wife. They were radiating with love and happiness for each other, along with their parents and siblings.

Though we are in uncertain times, we are still able to find blessings through all of the chaos. We are still able to experience love, joy, and laughter with loved ones, even through social distancing, and we are able to make the best out of what we're given, just as Haley and Will have.

Congratulations friends, I am so blessed to have been a part of your wedding day, and I hope God richly blesses your marriage! Continue to laugh together, have fun together, and to make the best out of all circumstances!

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