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Kadye & Casey

I had the pleasure last week of filming Kadye and Casey's wedding out at the Happy Wife, Happy Life wedding venue in Albany. I'm so grateful this wedding was able to take place, because the wedding date had changed 3-4 times due to COVID-19 and other personal reasons of theirs. Though this day had been a long awaited moment for them, I'm so glad it was finally able to take place! The venue was gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, and everyone seemed to be having a

wonderful time celebrating these two. I mean my goodness, the party didn't stop when myself and the photographers at Memories by Malarie left for the evening! The joy radiating off of everyone was infectious, and you can tell the fun everyone had in the video.

Kadye and Casey, may both of you continue to have a blessed marriage with your two children, and may y'all continue being each other's best friends and love each other through thick and thin!

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