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Kayli & Austin Napier

On the first Saturday of the month of June, I drove out to Clyde, Texas to film the beautiful union of Kayli and Austin. Their wedding was taking place at Staples 6 Barn, which had a precious barn for the reception and a beautifully staged area for the outdoor ceremony. The colors were vibrant, smiles and laughs all around; it was truly a wedding I enjoyed being a part of! Probably my favorite part of the ceremony was hearing personal audio recordings they made for each other previously. And the fun part was they had both made secret recordings for their love to surprise each other at the wedding!

Congratulations to the both of you Mr. & Mrs. Napier, I hope you have an adventurous life together filled with fun and laughter! Enjoy each other's company, enjoy the times spent with you and your fur babies, and never stop hitting the dance floor together, y'all are a joy!

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