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Pioneer Open

I had the pleasure of working with Powerlifting Belts by Pioneer by taking photos and videos of their powerlifting competition in Coleman, Texas. This was my first taste of a powerlifting competition, and the fact it was a USPA powerlifting competition made it even more amazing. I was left amazed the whole time by the strength all of these men and women had, but more importantly the determination and encouragement. They never gave up, and each lifter cheered hard for every competitor. This was one of the best examples of friendly competition I've ever witnessed, and I'm blessed to have taken photos and videos for them.

If you want to see the full gallery of photos, click here. You're free to download them and save them for yourself to showoff the accomplishments you made at this event! The photos were taken by myself and WalkerJane Photography, and I highly encourage you to visit this new up and coming photographer's website and social media.

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